A Dead Man Calling For Help - Scary Story | Creepypasta Paranormal Stories

A Dead Man Calling For Help - Scary Story | Creepypasta Paranormal Stories

A man who has been missing for over three decades decides to call for help in the most unusual way from beyond.

For more, visit: ScaryStoryPodcast.com Scary Story Podcast is a horror audio entertainment experience telling direct short scary stories. Content produced is written in short story format and told (and retold) in first-person narrative. Be wary of suspenseful and surprise sound effects, as well as the nightmares associated.

This story features one of many true scary stories to tell in the dark and experiences in the creepy fictional horror stories category. This channel features terrifying tales narrated in a similar format used to relax, scary stories to fall asleep to, and for entertainment. If you have stumbled upon this channel by accident, I sure hope you stick around and share your creepy experiences with me.

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Creepypastas are urban legends in the modern day, stories that seemingly occur to everybody, shocking stories from your childhood, haunting memories, or ghostly sightings, apparitions, dark mysteries, and the inexplicable phenomena that makes our lives horrifying. The stories here have been selected through a catalog of memories and recorded in a studio setting. Do you have a story to share? I want to hear from you.

Have a true scary story, a creepypaste, or a ghost story passed down through your family or friends that you'd like to share? Horrors and recurring nightmares are welcome here. Please send me a message.

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This creepypasta / horror / paranormal video / scary true stories video is for entertainment purposes only.

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