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A hit audio podcast of short scary stories written and produced by Edwin Covarrubias. 


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No Ghosts Here
May 15, 2024x
00:19:4927.27 MB

No Ghosts Here

A scary story about a man about to lose his family, and the choice to do so lies solely in believing in the existence of ghosts, or other entities, in the house. Find us on TikTok and Instagram or find Edwin as @edwincov Ad-free listening on and get updated on our latest stor...

Dead Road
May 07, 2024x
00:16:1622.38 MB

Dead Road

A scary story about a man who travels a closed road in search of answers. Along the way, he meets those who may hold the answers. Ad-free episodes on and you can get in touch with our TikTok and Instagram Get in touch with Edwin on Instagram @edwincov Find our channel on YouT...

Open House
April 27, 2024x
00:21:1029.13 MB

Open House

A scary story about a woman who begins looking for a job to make ends meet, finding herself in a life and death, situation. Find us on TikTok and Instagram or get in touch with Edwin at @edwincov Ad-free over on 

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