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A hit audio podcast of short scary stories written and produced by Edwin Covarrubias. 


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The Beep
July 03, 2024x
00:21:1229.17 MB

The Beep

A short scary story about a person who discovers scary podcasts but gets much more than he bargained for. This is how horror stories turn real. Up next, check out Horror Story at Try out episodes with no ads through that will let you listen right here, you can try it ou...

Go To Sleep Natalie
June 25, 2024x
00:20:0727.68 MB

Go To Sleep Natalie

A scary story about a young girl who makes a chilling discovery after a regular shopping trip with her mom and the doll she picks out. In the second story, a runner spots someone out on the trail... someone who doesn't belong there. For more, find us on and get ad-free episodes...

Moving On: A Tragic Ghost Story
June 18, 2024x
00:18:4625.82 MB

Moving On: A Tragic Ghost Story

A ghost story about a man that is forced to deal with one last test in dealing with part of his family when he has a sudden realization that there's more that is gone. Find out more on You can get in touch with Edwin via email at or on Instagram and TikTok @edwin...

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