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A hit audio podcast of short scary stories written and produced by Edwin Covarrubias. 


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The Delivery
February 20, 2024x
00:19:3026.83 MB

The Delivery

A scary story about a man who learns about his family's tragic past at a funeral. A tale that explains much more than he wanted to know. Get Scary Book: 15 Tales to Terrify on Amazon! Listen without ads with and get in touch with Edwin at @edwincov on TikTok and Instagram There are mor...

Dead of Night
February 02, 2024x
00:22:3130.98 MB

Dead of Night

A scary story about a man who moves into an apartment building with a haunting backstory. Does he believe? Do you? More scary stuff to listen to for free: & Find Edwin here:

January 27, 2024x
00:18:4925.89 MB


In this scary story, a man begins to discover a terrifying truth about loneliness. Ad-free at and find Edwin @edwincov on TikTok and Instagram

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