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Scary Story Podcast is the most popular show in our collection with millions of streams and downloads across platforms. The show has landed on Top 10 U.S. spots on podcast platforms!

This audio podcast is all about short scary stories told in first person format, written to blur the lines between fiction and reality through subtle sound effects, ambience, and recurring dark themes across the episodes.

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Dear Katie
April 09, 2024x
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Dear Katie

In this scary story, we remaster the original short story "Dear Katie" from our early seasons, extended and with more details. The story is about a young girl with a wish. Get ad-free stories over on ScaryPlus.com and get in touch with us on TikTok and Instagram @scary.fm   You can find Edwin on soc...

April 06, 2024x
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A scary story about a worker that returns to the night shift, only to uncover the reason why so many employees are leaving. Nancy, the mannequin. Find us at @scary.fm and get in touch with Edwin @edwincov on TikTok and Instagram Ad-free on ScaryPlus.com and more of our free shows are over on Scary.f...

The Watchman
March 25, 2024x
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The Watchman

A scary story about the memories of Tomás, a cemetery caretaker and his collection of stories among the dead.  Ad-free and early episodes on ScaryPlus.com and find us on Instagram and TikTok @scary.fm To get in touch, find us on ScaryStoryPodcast.com or Edwin @edwincov

More about Edwin

Hey everyone, thank you so much for listening to my stories. My name is Edwin Covarrubias and I write and produce our episodes to release weekly, along with the rest of the Scary FM collection of shows. 

This show got started in 2019 with a simple idea, to write a few stories and get people to send me more to read. But when people started requesting more stories and no one was sending any, I kept writing. Five stories turned into twelve, and now I have written hundreds of short stories specifically for the podcast.

As a storyteller, I've gotten the chance to meet and speak to people across the United States, Mexico, and South America about scary stories, podcasting, and storytelling in general. Thank you very much for the opportunity to share my stories with you all.

Keep it scary.


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