Never Record Yourself While You Sleep

I’m afraid that I’ve gotten into something not many people have experienced. I’m forced to turn off my cell phone and wifi at night while I sleep after the most bizarre incident happened about six months ago. You just… never know who is listening, or maybe you don’t want to know what you can’t hear.

There is an application for iPhone that can tell you about your sleep quality. I believe you can also integrate it with your Apple Watch, but I don’t have one, so I just use the phone app itself and rely on the information it gathers. Everything was fine and I was tracking my sleep patterns, until I noticed that the app itself was requesting access to my microphone.

I found it odd, but then the app explained that it doesn’t save recordings and it doesn’t send them anywhere, so I agreed and went to sleep.

In the morning, there was a new notification saying that I snored, and I was curious enough to check them. Sure enough, there I was, at 1:20am, some snoring. I never knew that I snored, but it was good to know.

There’s something eerie about listening to yourself sleep. I kept on with the app as usual. Normally you have to set it right before you go to sleep, and it wakes you up to an alarm at an optimal time, supposedly to prevent you from waking up feeling tired.

One morning, I woke up earlier than usual. Way earlier, actually. At 4:45am. I wasn’t feeling tired, so I went to the bathroom, then for a drink of water and got back to my room. It was still dark out. That’s when I noticed the app had several recordings caught overnight. More snoring.

Curious, I clicked on the first one, at 2:14am, and there I was… breathing loudly. But then, I gasped. In my sleep. I couldn’t believe it, so I replayed the 15 second recording only to hear another voice in there. The voice was a woman’s voice saying “all alone”. I replayed the audio more than 10 times before moving onto the second one.

“Not like that” “All alone”

It kept replaying, over and over. The next recording said the same thing, but the last of the recordings was what really got me. It was… singing.

It was a lullaby. I could hear it faintly, like the wind.

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