My Dog Sees Something Down the Hall

My dog is normal. He does regular dog things like chase after cats and likes to play with stuffed animals. He does one thing that weirds me out, though.

Every single night, around 9pm, like clockwork, he gets up from doing whatever he’s doing even if he’s sleeping, and stands at the entrance to the hallway, sits down, and stares out toward the end of the hall.

I’ve recorded him several times and normally nothing else had happened besides the staring, but lately things have been getting out of hand.

He likes to do this thing where he flips onto his back and wiggles around barking while he’s playing with us, and he started doing something similar about a month ago where hallway starts, except with angry growling. Not his usual playful barking.

As soon as he sees me grab my keys to go to my car, he begins barking at me. I tried to leave him home last week while everyone else was out of the house, but the barking became too much and I figured something was wrong, so I let him out into the backyard where he finally quieted down. He was by the back door when I came back home.

I watched a video on YouTube once, where a dog refuses to go to his food bowl because he apparently sees something in the kitchen area that he’s afraid of. My dog doesn’t seem afraid now, though. He just sits there, staring down the hall.

It’s almost nine at night now, and I can hear him coming toward the hall. He’ll probably just sit there for about half an hour. I can’t wait for this to stop.

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