Emotional Children

Emotional Children

Have you ever experienced something too weird to tell anybody about? Like when you feel like you’ll be laughed out of the room if you tell someone? Don’t use my name, please. Here it goes.

There was another boy in my class named Diego. We were both in the 3rd grade and he was somewhat my friend. We used to play together during recess, but he always used to beat me at dodge ball and girls used to approach me to ask me about him. About who he liked.

I really didn’t like that. I remember thinking that maybe if I looked a little like him I could get Joanne to notice me, which she did. She was a girl from my class who always wore the whitest shirts and never seemed to get them dirty. She would sit with her knees close together and she smelled like green apple shampoo. Obsessed much? Right? But hey, we were kids.

One day, after school, one of my other friends told me that Joanne liked Diego. I felt my heart sink to my stomach. But that day, I started noticing some of the things I was able to do.

I got home. My sister was staying after school for gardening club or something. I had a key to the house so that I could get in while my dad got home. To be honest, I didn’t really feel anything that afternoon. I was just so sad about the situation that I had forgotten that I normally would open the door and come right back outside to the porch to wait for my dad to come home from work. I was scared of the big empty house. I had seen, or imagined, my own share of creepy stuff in there.

This time it was different, though. I remember feeling so angry that I was just numb.

When I went in, almost in a hypnotic state, and straight to the bathroom and was about to close the door when I heard something fall in the kitchen. I stepped outside, asking for my dad, but his car wasn’t outside. The thing that made the noise was an old yellow box of Cheerios that must’ve fallen from the top of the fridge, where my mom kept everything. Nobody liked Cheerios except for my grandma, but she hadn’t been over in a while.

Oh, by the way, that was creepy thing number one. I started noticing more odd things that same day and in the days that followed. Actually, in the months that followed.

One time, I came into my room and as I stepped in, the door slammed behind me.

Another time, I saw my spoon flip and fly off my bowl right in front of me while I was eating cereal. Things like that kept happening. The stove top burner igniters would begin crackling when I would walk to grab something from the fridge. Just, minor things like that.

I should’ve been more freaked out about the situation, but I think it helped to know that I was the one causing everything.

One time, my cousin came over and I scared him good. We were playing around in my room when I said, hey check this out, I’ve gotten pretty good at it, as I grabbed a crumbled cheeseburger wrapper and tossed it randomly toward the closet. The paper bounced off the closet door, to my table/desk, and rolled straight into an open McDonald’s paper bag that was on the floor next to it. My cousin’s jaw dropped as he stared at me. He was scared.

What? I can do some more things, I remember telling him. Without waiting for an answer, I said, I can make the TV turn off, watch –but before I could even finish saying that, the TV changed channels by itself and into channel 3, the one that was static only. I wasn’t actually expecting anything to happen. I think I just said it just because I had gotten confident about something I wasn’t even sure about it. It freaked me out too, so I screamed and he screamed and we both ran out of the room.

Things like that would keep happening, like my alarm clock buzzing for some reason in the middle of the night, and things like me being able to predict when my dad was about to come home.

I was remembering these things about my childhood recently, and I asked my cousin about it and he claims he remembers the TV thing but not the wrapper incident. We hadn’t talked about it in a while, so recently while we were hanging out at a Starbucks, we Googled some of the things I experienced and discovered that this is actually fairly common. Young people in a state of strong emotions can make some pretty strange things happen, including moving physical objects or modifying the energy around them.

I don’t know. I’d like to find out if it has happened to anyone else.

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  1. I have experienced this and would be happy to share. My mother, who is ever the skeptic, also remembers. Electrical manipulation, photographic manipulation, and object manipulation. Yes, I was a VERY strange child! As far as I know I am no longer able to do this, but I AM working on it! 😉

    1. Thank you for the comment, Angela. I am very interested in hearing more about your experiences

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